How to Sell HR Software Right

Selling HR software is not an easy task for everybody. Since every organization is investing lots of money into building proper recruiting software, the competition is getting heated and becoming more intense.

However, you will mostly observe that many respected HR are against “negative selling” that leads to bad pitch and harms the reputation of the organization.

Moreover, not selling a proper HR solution to an organization may lead to provide bad service. Further, the organization may sign up with another HR software provider that may not meet the expectations of the organization itself.

Let us know more about the mistakes of selling HR software to an organization.

Top Mistakes That Undermine the Value of Your Solution

Mistake #1: Focus on Selling Solution Rather than Selling Features

Top performers should stay like widgets. It is a common phenomenon that the people dealing with anger management are found to be top sales performers for the company. Those who are always are chasing targets are often lagging behind the targets.

Picking the right one is sometimes difficult. This is the reason that if you pitch the list of features of product A, B, and C is not the best options for selling an HR software.

Most HR Managers want a seamless payroll integration, simple exit interviews, and easy templates for review. But the end result is that they end up buying a less comprehensive solution for their organizations.

The most important thing is that the features of HR software only look good in a brochure. But when you selling that software, you should focus on:

  • Building rapport with your contact
  • You need to understand the HR goals and how the software is going to help them in the long run.
  • You can either prepare a presentation or can come up with a USP that your software comprises. These can act as a backbone while proposing the HR solution. You should focus on reducing the challenges faced by the HR team and the department as a whole. This will benefit the employees to achieve their goals easily.

Mistake #2: Flush out the Fear of Getting Sued

It is true fact compliance in HR goes hand in hand. It is also a fact that sometimes the company might face an employee lawsuit in a single year.

However, with so many things changing rapidly in the HR field, it is ideal to remain on the safe side than to say sorry. Even it is much better to stay on the safe side rather than getting caught on the wrong side of things.

Recently, many HR Managers are not focusing on compliance at the moment. However, the focus is shifting somewhere else and that is to remove the employee churning process.

So here you go, you need to interact with your customers in a language they understand better. You need to demonstrate the ways how your HR software solution can effectively reduce their area of concern.

Mistake 3: HR Managers are not IT Specialists

One thing that most of the salespeople miss is that they often misunderstand an HR manager with an IT specialist. Pulling too much technical jargon in the software can often mislead the HR manager, and it becomes difficult to convey the right message to them.

This might lead to ward off any positive results while pitching for your HR module. Hence, it is better to avoid any technical jargon during the presentation and keep it simple. Moreover, you should never suggest converse with them in algorithmic words. You need to keep it simple and easy. It is also advisable not to bring up any ‘large data’ during your conversations.

Further, you need to solve their queries just like an HR Manager thinks. Make them comfortable to make them understand the intricacies involved in the software solution. This will help you get the signature on the dotted line without any hassle. Click here:

Mistake 4: Avoiding your End-Users

It is quite common that most HR software solutions companies focus on selling the product rather than speaking with the end-users.

However, your HR contact might differ with you with others about the requirements of their organizations. Though it is absolutely necessary to appeal to your end-user and the manager. But one thing you should keep in mind that is also essential to focus on the competence and the productivity of the end-users as well.

When you have finalized the deal, you need to meet up and take a short survey of the HR team and also the employees of the company.

You need to showcase the real gems of your core HR solution and show them the results that were long dreaming of.  Most importantly, you should focus on appeasing the decision-making of the organization with the real benefits for the end customers.

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