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Clients from every customer focused business approach Learnitude for better strategies and solutions to leverage their information technology landscape, in order to provide better support, attract & retain customers, boost digital presence, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Learnitude’s diversified solutions, developed under the presence of experienced analysts and subject matter experts, support the business vision of its clients from around the world. Learnitude industry deployments provide wide-ranging, trustworthy and customizable insights to its clients, which not only help them to revisit their business strategies but also to enrich their customers’ experience.Accounting

Integrate your accounting information relevant to all the core operations which deal with your company’s revenue and expenditure. Generate consolidated information of all the accounting operations, which can be detailed to the level of vouchers or receipts for any transaction. The full-fledged accounting module can interact with other core modules/operations of your company, keeping synchronized information of all the transactions at one place.

Some of the key accounting processes are:

  • Based on Double entry book-keeping rules
  • Integrated Budget Monitoring System
  • Detailed accounting report with analysis of Balance sheets, P & L and Ledgers
  • Project wise and customer wise balance sheet and P&L Analysis
  • Configurable and synchronize calculations of TDS, Service Tax and other
  • Easy to understand cash flow reports
  • Audit trails
  • Integration ready with other major operations


Improve sales, conversions and effective lead management is what has to be focused by the marketing division and our solutions help you with them. Most of the organizations are not able to build a dedicated marketing team to keep track of all the activities while focus to convert leads into customers. To help companies, our solutions make your marketing operations simpler with improved lead tracking, timely communication and effective information sharing, which leads to successful conversions.

Some of the key solutions offered are –

  • Effective enquiry records with reminders to follow-up
  • Insights over various enquiries and the tracking
  • Tracking marketing campaign effectiveness and plan for future improvements based on results

Business Benefits –

  • Better customer insights
  • Improved customer relationship management
  • Effective conversion with timely and accurate follow-up
  • Customer categorization and record keeping based on easy to filter capacity
  • Effective communication and branding via SMS and Customer Portal

Human Resources

The HRMS as a whole acts a single window dashboard to keep track of company’s overhead costs, where it also helps to capture employee details, there earning, deductions and monthly employee payouts, which are cost to the company. The tool also helps to capture the other aspects related to its employees viz. recruitment, retention, training and appraisals

Some of the vital information managed by the HRMS are –

  • Maintain employee records
  • Carry out recruitment process, employee evaluation and appraisals
  • Manage employee allowances and deductions
  • Manage automated attendance information with detailed Timesheets, integrated to synchronized pay slip generation
  • Manage Leaves and Holidays
  • Track expenses

Inventory Management

Inventory management, stock transfer and monitoring of the materials is the major part of most of the manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management companies. At a certain time, the material tracking becomes so crucial that it gets out of control for people to keep track. Our solutions not only provide detailed tracking of stock transfer between different segments of your company but also maintain complete transparency with the other integrated modules like Purchase, Accounting and Site management.

The coordinate data flow in between several departments in this application makes it easy for the HR management to process information much easily, avoiding manual operations. Employee demographics present a clear scenario before the management to plan and take decisions over future hiring and focus on talent management activities.Purchase Management

The main aim of the Purchase management solution is to improve the supply chain and inventory performance with transparent relationships with vendors and sub-contractors. Purchasing decisions are automated with this solution, where your system aids you to take right decisions on new purchases based on stock levels, logistics rules, sales orders, forecasting manufacturing orders, etc.

Advantages for you –

  • Automate the purchasing work flow
  • Control products and invoices
  • Get & compare Supplier quotations/price lists and availability
  • Get detailed statistics of your purchases
  • Maintain one dashboard for all purchase communications
  • Manage different customers at one place


Smart & efficient way of managing your leads and new opportunities, with simple process to organize and follow-up them to convert leads into customers. The CRM solution makes the sales process customized the way you like it. New messages, opportunities and expected revenues are presented in a much simplistic visual presentation which makes your work easier.

Addition to CRM Development and customization, we also provide support for integration of your existing CRM applications. This not only helps to improve your existing CRM solutions, but also keeps your system ready for future upgradation.

Some of the business benefits for opting our CRM solutions are –

  • Gather insightful information on each of your leads, with forecast on success rate and expected revenue
  • Real-time dashboard of your performance and next activities
  • Customized dashboard of your sales process
  • Advanced analytical reports and flow charts
  • Enhanced team communication with real-time messaging
  • Integration ready with other core modules like Sales, Invoicing and Marketing
  • Scalable to add newer modules and further customization

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