Logistic Order Booking Management System

To simplify the logistics booking process by providing an easy to understand interface and eliminating the industry jargons, we created the Online Logistics Order Booking System, with an international collaborator. The aim behind the Logistics Order Booking system is to provide aid to small and medium scale logistics enterprises to easily create shipping orders via the system and use the system in conjunction with systems like Warehouse or Inventory Management system, Order Fulfilment and Shipment Tracking systems.

The application currently allows the users to create orders, validate orders based, process single and batch orders at once, manage orders, generate shipping labels for your shipment, generate delivery manifest and track orders with real-time information about your order. The administrative capability of the application allows the administrators to manage merchant orders and generate reports of transactions based on batch processing or period of transactions.

For E-commerce retailers, small & medium scale logistics service providers, warehousing managers and purchasers will be able to make good use of our Online Logistics Order Booking system, to achieve better growth in their business with less operational complexity.

The application is integration ready with e-commerce store fronts to schedule orders for delivery through real-time tracking updates for customers.

  • Easy-to-use online portal with secure transactions
  • Supports both domestic and international transactions
  • Records of your previous transactions
  • Generate Shipping Labels and Delivery Manifest
  • Supports wide range of service providers, with easy to use API
  • Customizable as per the customers’ requirements
  • Bulk Order Import to reduce manual process
  • Integrate with your E-commerce store and manage order deliveries
  • Provides real-time order tracking information

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