Product Development Resource Unit

Our vast exposure and knowledge in the industry enables us to understand, prioritize and execute the client requirements better. To support and carry out IT tasks and responsibilities, we provide skilled IT professionals related to Web Application development, mobile applications and enterprise solutions; to help our customers focus on their business while our skilled resources support the technology vertical.

Dynamic business needs do force enterprises to shift their priorities constantly to operate under budgetary constraints and produce optimal output. Thus most of the enterprises are showing interest for Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff augmentation, as a solution to address their fluctuating needs. FTE helps such enterprises who are not sure of the long term technology needs of their business and don’t want to hire full time technical staff.

Whether you need staff augmentation for few months or years, based on your requirement, we provide skilled IT professionals who will augment your current technical team. We provide skilled resources with appropriate knowledge in the areas of application programming, requirements understanding, business logic development, corporate behaviors, personality development and team work.

We provide resources with appropriate hands-on experience and knowledge of the required skill sets. Our development team consisting of skilled developers in web, desktop and mobile applications segment; business requirements analysts, technical analysts and solution architects who can assist you in development, improvement, customization and support of your product(s)/ideas/on-going projects by expanding the ability of technology division by way of FTEs (Full Time Equivalents).

Our FTE Staff Augmentation services are limited to the technical expertise in the development and enhancement of web applications, mobile application, enterprise solutions, UX and UI designing, cloud services, database management and server support.


  • Signed up for a period of minimum 3-6 Months
  • Technical Staff will be working either from client’s premises or company’s delivery center, based on client’s requirements.
  • Upon the agreed charges, company will be billable on monthly basis
  • Flexible and Extendable options for augmenting existing FTEs or adding new FTEs
  • Client can assign tasks any time during the normal business working hours.
  • Duties and responsibilities will be assigned as their dedicated employee
  • Replacement of employee based on low performance

Tailoring effective staff augmentation services based on short or long term engagement model

Based on the requirements from clients, whether to address an immediate or long-term staff augmentation model, we tailor our professional services where we not only provide the right skilled resources but also provide consulting for appropriate methodologies, tools and road-map to support your business.

The onsite staff augmentation model requires the skilled personnel to be deployed at client’s premises. We promote onsite deployment of IT professionals based on the requirements from client – whether it requires resources with specific skill set for post deployment support, business requirements gathering and understanding. Starting with consulting until maintenance & support, our resources posses highly competent skills on application programming, business acumen and team communication.

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