Supporting SPARSH Foundation for Environmental Sustainability

When we witnessed the efforts being provided by the members of SPARSH Foundation, we were quite fascinated and asked voluntarily to support their cause. In order to show our support to SPARSH Foundation, we started building their digital face, which now becomes the official face of SPARSH and its events.

Supporting the cause of Environment Sustainability, we have given a new face to SPARSH Foundation, with a great looking website. See it here and show your support to SPARSH. It’s our environment and we need to save it.

We have been in touch with Chairperson of SPARSH Foundation Mrs. Sharada Bharaty, who has been very cordial to explain their cause patiently. Being inspired by their cause, we developed the best website that will support their cause. In this World Environment Day, SPARSH Foundation website is launched. This time SPARSH took the initiative to aware students about the environment and about small steps that can bring sustainability and holistic living. It’s called TIVONA – Mission Green Cover Odisha.

We are also helping SPARSH with their digital media strategies to increase their web presence and gather more supporters for their cause. If you want to support the cause of SPARSH, show your support by creating awareness about SPARSH and its initiatives.

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